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First Huawei database industry summit will happen tomorrow



huawei database summit

Today, Huawei officially confirmed the first database industry summit for June 7, the company will release new GaussDB production powered by Huawei Cloud technologies.

On June 7th, the Huawei Global Smart Finance Summit 2023 will be held in Shanghai. Huawei is sending an invitation for people to participate in the Huawei Cloud GaussDB Database Industry Summit.

This event is an occasion to witness the release of Huawei Cloud GaussDB products, new technology upgrades, and improved performance.

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“Come to the keynote speech of Intelligent Leading and Smart Change, Building the Future of Digital and Intelligent Finance,” Huawei wrote on Weibo.

Huawei Vice Chairman, Rotating Chairwoman, and CFO Meng Wanzhou will join the event as a main keynote speaker. She will deliver the speech “Wisdom is the first to stand up to the trend.”

Huawei GaussDB is a domestic cloud-native distributed relational database that supports distributed transactions and has the mixed load capacity of enterprise-level complex transactions.

It provides multiple solutions such as cross-AZ in the same city, three centers in two places, and zero data loss. 1000+ distributed cluster capabilities and PB-level storage.

Data is encrypted throughout the entire process from the transmission, and the calculation to storage, and can support Huawei’s process IT ERP system to maintain linear performance under 5 times the business pressure.

huawei database summit


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